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VE 240sx spherical bearing Toe Arm, S13, S14 and S15

VE 240sx spherical bearing Toe Arm, S13, S14 and S15

VE Nissan 240sx, Silvia adjustable suspension toe arms – $198 including FREE shipping!!!

Velocity Element adjustable suspension components have been engineered on the track to provide the best possible combination of performance and reliability. The Nissan S14 rear 240sx toe arm are designed to allow for adjustment of the rear toe angle.Proper toe angle in the rear suspension means more traction, faster lap times, faster drifts and better 1/4 mile times. Or course better fitment, clearance and geometry on Lowered cars, (or as the kids say, “hella flush”) is made possible with the adjustable rod ends. Fitted with a superb spherical bearing featuring dust covers the VE arms will keep you on the podium season after season. Precision machine work and strict quality control means you can expect only perfection when it comes to VE parts.

*All VE suspension parts are designed for track use. Proper maintenance and upkeep will ensure these parts will last the life of your car.*

VE Traction rods S14 silvia nissan

Velocity Element Adjustable Traction Rods Nissan 240sx

VE offers a life time warranty against any manufacture defects.

if you crash and simply need a replacement part just let us know we’ll help you out ;)

After installation please take the time adjust the alignment, after all what good is an “tunable” part if you don’t properly tune it.

The rear suspension on the S13, S14 and S15 is quite capable from the factory and with a bit of love becomes something very competitive. VE rear toe arms allow the rear suspension to be lowered while maintaining a desirable toe angle, simply put this means more tire on the ground at the correct angle when it counts and that means faster smokier drifts, lower lap times and even quicker passes down the drag strip.

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