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The Velocity Stack

The Velocity Stack

A velocity stack is a trumpet or Bell shaped device that may vary in length and width. Velocity stacks ensure the smooth entry of air eliminating turbulence and increasing efficiency. Often fitted to the intake side of modified internal combustion engines velocity stacks have become well recognized part found on most race built completion engines.

How it works

Volumetric efficiency

Providing a smooth and even entry point, bringing air at high velocities into the intake tract with the flow stream adhering to the pipe walls.
By adjusting the size and shape of a velocity stack one can manipulate the dynamic tuning range of the intake tract. This works by functioning as a resonating pipe which can adjust the frequency of pressure pulses.


velocity stack test data

Simple diagram of the ram air effect created by the velocity stack

What did you get from the factory?

Unfortunately for us enthusiasts OEM engine manufacturers are forced to deal with many regulations, of course noise must be kept to a minimum. A properly tuned intake tract will produces a rather audible tone under high airflow conditions, while this is viewed as a lovely sound to us gear heads others tend to think differently. This “noise” is commonly (tuned out) to allow the vehicle to pass noise regulations.

Factory K series manifold being hand ported on the tops of each runner.


hand porting the k20 intake manifold rbc

Why upgrade?

Simply put by giving your engine the tuned intake tract it needs to operate at peak efficiency your engine is able to make more power with less effort. Velocity Element products have been developed for flat out performance to increase mid range torque as well as top end HP. Needless to say we do not have to worry about noise regulations like the OEM manufactures.

Velocity element intake manifold design.

data testing velocity stack volumetric efficiency

Flow testing the raised velocity stack design


VE Raised Velocity Stack Intake Plenum


VE SR20 Intake Manifold 77mm Throttle Body


  1. Can’t wait to ditch my Greddy style aka Freddy intake manifold and pick the VE unit. What Throttle body/what size would you recommend?

  2. This is exactly what i’ve been waiting for, finally a quality intake manifold that makes good power throughout the RPM range. Can’t wait to test it out at the track!

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