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Turbo Manifold Fabrication and Consulting

Turbo Manifold Fabrication and Consulting

Velocity Element proudly offers our fabrication, parts development and consulting services to many top drivers and race teams in; Touring car, Rally, Drag and Drifting. With engines getting smaller and turbos getting more efficient it is very important the header or turbo manifold be up to the task at hand. Strength, weight, turbo position, material and type of racing are all extremely important factors to account for when designing a turbo manifold.
VE specializes in detailed racing applications that may require: multiple O2 sensors, EGT bungs and Anti Lag fittings, lines etc. Anti lag systems ranging from basic secondary air injection to complex units using a secondary “combustor” or combustion chamber AKA the Rocket (pioneered by Prodrive) are also available. *These combustor style antilag systems are not something that are very economical (price wise) for most street driven applications due to the cost of all the parts involved. Contrary to internet rumors a properly designed and tuned ALS is not devastating to the turbo, manifold or other “hot” parts.

Here is an example of a manifold developed with Brewed Motors, Twin scroll stock frame evo turbo S14 SR20.

VE built to spec turbo manifold

Unequal length twin scroll SR20det turbo manifold

Please note*** VE will soon be releasing a line of production turbo manifolds, we will also continue to offer our fabrication and consulting services as normal.

Velocity Element custom front diffuser and canards

Buddy Club Thailand teams up with Velocity Element to developed a custom front diffuser/under tray, canards ducting and of course the proper support.

Modified Buddy Club Racing spec header for high output, large diameter 80mm exhaust. Of course we shared this info and results with our friends at Buddy Club who may start to offer this “super racing” spec header for the retail market if demand is high!


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