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VE 90mm Throttle Body

VE 90mm Throttle Body

Universal 90mm billet C&C throttle body – $444 including Free Shipping!!!

VE developed the 90mm Throttle body for use on engines making 500-900whp the VE 90mm throttle bodies are precision C&C machined and assembled to work with almost ANY oem TPS sensor! Sealed ball bearings ensure smooth operation and pedal feel. This means simple easy installation with no wiring needed, clean design ensures easy installation and service. VE Highly recommends the use of thread lock on the ALL throttle body hardware. Engine vibrations can easily work the small hardware loose so after everything is installed and adjusted we recommend a drop of thread lock.

All Velocity Element Throttle bodies come with a life time warranty against any manufacture defects.

*For engines making over 900 whp VE offers 100mm throttle bodies*

To ensure years of problem free use ALL VE Throttle bodies are supported with a life time warranty against any defects.


Why Change your throttle body?

Using a properly sized throttle body allows the engine to breath, as the engine enters its torque curve (where it makes power) the amount of air passing through the intake system greatly increases. One of the most important points in the intake tract is the throttle body. If the TB is to small the air flow is restricted there for limiting the power output of the engine. By using a properly sized VE Throttle body you can ensure there will be no restrictions in the air flow going into your engine effectively increasing the efficiency allowing the engine to make more power with the same effort.

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